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No escort, but companionship

That one important event is coming, and ofcourse you want to impress all the other attendees.
How better than entering with a sweet, smart & stunning lady at your side?

Or maybe you're just looking for a night out with a pretty and smart girl? Everything is possible, nothing is mandatory on a date with a companion of KHLOÉ.

A good time, a smile on your face

When you choose Companionship Only, the lady of your choice will meet you on the selected location on the time you agreed on. Like your first date. A kiss on the cheek, hold hands, see a movie: it's that one night where you stop worrying.. enjoy!

Let us know what you'd broadly like to do with your date so she can dress up proper. It wouldn't be okay for none of you two if you are going to get pizza and your date shows up in a complete gala-outfit.

Special rates

Companionship Only is bookable from 3 hours up. The rates are as following:

3 hrs:               €450,-

4 hrs:               €600,-

5 hrs:               €750,-

6 hrs:               €900,-

Do you want to book more hours than shown above? Please contact us for a personal offer.

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