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Because three sometimes is more fun than two

Thrills in your sex life can be expanced when choosing an extra hand. For him AND her. A pretty lady who knows how to handle couples. She will touch her like she never experienced before, she will realise his ultimate fantasy.

Some couples look at a third person as a living toy, someone who expands the possibilties and adds excitement to the game. An experience you will never forget!

A girl' extra, but safe

Eventhough an extra girl is mostly the fantasy of the male, it is most important the woman is also into this plan. We therefor assume you had a good talk about this. With that comes talking about expectations: what is allowed and what not? Our ladies will always ask you about this, so there will be no misunderstandings during your adventure.


Most couples look at an escort as a safe realization of a thrilling happening. The companion knows what she is doing, thus does it amazing, and then you'll never see her again. Unless you choose differently ofcouse!

Special rates

For couples we handle an aditional price of €80,- an hour, with a maximum of €320,- per 8 hours.

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