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Our ladies are well selected for reliability and class. We always assume that you treat the ladies with respect and that you comply with our terms & conditions.

We do not make a distinction between companions in terms of prices. We think it is especially important that you find the perfect date and that should not depend on the price tag. That is also the reason that travel costs fall within the total amount, regardless of the location from where the companion must travel.

Because we believe that a perfect date also makes good preparation, we prefer you book at least a day or two in advance. This way we can coordinate this with you and with the companion, for a totally sublime experience!

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Our prices include VAT
Prices may differ for certain services: check this for certainty on the relevant service page.

A Companion for a moment

2 uur • € 700,-

3 uur • € 900,-

4 uur • € 1100,-

A Companion for a while:

5 uur • € 1300,-

6 uur • € 1450,-

7 uur • € 1600,-

8 uur • € 1700,-

Extra uur: €200,-

A Companion for a day

12 hrs • € 2100,-

18 hrs • € 2500,-

24 hrs • € 2800,-

A Companion for a trip

36 hrs • € 3500,-

48 hrs • € 4500,-

Extra night (12 hrs) • € 1000,-

Extra day (24 hrs) • € 1500,-

Week: €12.000,-

Client levels


Become BRONZE client

Make your first booking.

The first booking is the most exciting. For us too. To reward you for your trust, you automatically become a BRONZE client when you have made the first booking. Yep, it can be that simple. No more down payments, a customer page and point collecting.

Become SILVER client

Collect 500 client points

The returning customer will soon be a SILVER client. No down payments, plus the possibility to see facial pictures of our ladies. Ultimate convenience prior to ultimate enjoyment.

Or buy for € 2.000,-

Become GOLD client

Collect 700 client points

Gold not only looks beautiful, it also feels great.

As a GOLD client you get exclusive GOLD offers that make your heart beat faster. A date in a helicopter, an overnight stay at sea.

Everything is possible.

Or buy for €3.500,-

Become PLATINUM client

Collect 1200 client points

PLATINUM clients, those who earned battle stripes. But if you think that's it, you underestimate the wonder metal. We are always available for you via our hotline. Travel zones are canceled and your booking always has priority over the rest. Correct: platinum.

Or buy for €6.000,-

Become DIAMOND client

Collect 2500 client points

This one, obviously. Top of the bill. The DIAMOND client is the KHLOÉ VIP. In addition to an exclusive gift as a welcome in this special class and a free dinner with one of our class ladies, the DIAMOND client has his own driver and can book new ladies before others can. The fact is, with this client level everyone wants to be you.

Or buy for €10.000,-

Previous GOLD offer

Current GOLD offer (due to COVID this offer is for EVERYONE!)

To purchase a client level, please contact us


KHLOÉ uses different payment methods. However, we prefer to keep the lady safe with as little money as possible on hand. Therefore we request to do as much of the payment in advance as possible. In any case, we always ask new customers to make a deposit of 10%.

If the companion does not seem to meet your preferences, you can cancel the booking free of charge (see terms and conditions).

This first down payment does not apply to existing customers. For the most pleasant experience of the visit of the companion, one can always choose to pay the booking in full in advance. In any case, the customer is always expected to make the payment at the start of the booking.

Making your first booking, automatically turns you into
BRONZE client!

Payment with cash

It is of course possible to pay (part of) the booking in cash. Make sure you fit the exact amount in an open envelope with the name of the companion on it. You transfer this to her at the start of the booking.

Payment by bank transfer

When paying by bank transfer, you must at least take into account a processing of 1 working day and from foreign accounts with a processing of 5 working days.

No surcharge is charged for this payment method.

Payment via pin

Our companions are equipped with a mobile pin device on which you can pay at the start of the booking. We charge a 5% surcharge for this, regardless of the total amount.

Payment by credit card

The mobile devices that the companions carry are also suitable for payment by credit card. We only accept payments from Visa and Mastercard, if the name on the card matches yours and the card has a signature. Paying with a credit card has a surcharge of 10%, regardless of the total amount.

Payment via PayPal

Payment via PayPal is also possible. For this we need the e-mail address from which you are registered with PayPal. Also keep in mind 1 to 2 working days processing time with PayPal. We charge a 5% surcharge for this, regardless of the total amount.

In any case, we always ask new customers to make a deposit of 10%


Making your first booking, automatically turns you into BRONZE client!



Travel zones

With bookings we take travel zones into account. et zones voor het reizen. On the personal page of each companion it is indicated from which zone she works. You do not pay any travel costs in that zone.

If you book in a zone other than from where the lady works, you pay € 75,- per zone for travel expenses.


Dame X works from zone C. You book her in zone B: you pay € 75,- in travel costs.

Dame Y works from zone E. You book her in zone B: you pay € 150,- in travel costs (2 zones).

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