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Someone said: high class = dinner date. That seems to be correct. First a nice evening with your date before you crawl under the sheets. Our companions also like this and would love to meet you. A great and fun way to get to know your date better.

Of course you can also arragne a dinner date with a nice activity. For example, a museum or theater visit.

Check our VIP service to arrange a tailored date.

 Dinner Date

All our companions offer this service.

Companionship Only is the same as high class escort, but without intimacy. A nice evening out with a pretty and smart lady by your side, or make a big impression on the others at that business event.

Companionship Only can be booked from 3 hours and can be adjusted to your wishes.

 Companionship Only

All our companions offer this service.


You will never forget: that first date. Tension, jitters, everything new. And of course show off with your girl in public!

With the Girlfriend Experience this is a reliving of that feeling. Our pretty companion is YOUR pretty companion.

Take her with you side by side, experience a wonderful evening and close it off as only boyfriends and girlfriends can: full of passion and intimacy. Calm build-up, long enjoyment of each other and sparks flying around.

We do not apply a surcharge for Girlfriend Experience. We do ask you to indicate in advance that you want this service. Then we coordinate this with the companion for the best result!

 Girlfriend Experience

All our companions offer this service.

Many men answer 'a threesome' when asked what he would like to do. And secretly many women actually find that exciting too.

Therefore, if you really want to spoil yourself, book two companions instead of one! They will make your wildest dream come true and never let you forget this evening.


This service is upon request.


The fact is, not everyone is charmed by Anal Play. But those who are, know exactly how they want it.

Anal Play can be done in different ways. From gentle massage with fingers or licking of the anus (light Anal Play) to penetrating it.

Most ladies love the first option. The second option, you have to get the hang of it first and not everyone has that. It requires a bit of training and relaxation, but also a good click with the bed partner.


 1st Escort

All our companions offer this service.


This is experience speaking: booking an escort for the first time is super exciting. Scouring websites, looking for locations, worrying about what to say, how to dress, what to do or not to do when the lady is with you. All these things create a certain uncertainty which could prevent your first escort moment.

Our 1st Escort Time responds to this. We go through the entire process with you and inform the companion you are seeing about your first time. That way she, on her turn, will be able to respond well to this from the moment she is at your doorstep.


There are no extra costs for this service.

You can really expand the tension in your sex life when you choose an extra hand. For him and her. A beautiful lady who knows how to deal with couples. She will touch her in a way she has never experienced before, she will make him realize his ultimate fantasy.

Some couples see an extra lady as a living toy, someone who broadens the possibilities and increases the tension like never before. An experience that you will never forget!

 For Couples


A date with a story. Research by a nurse? Or the traditional plumber who comes to fix the place? Your wish is our command.

A role play can help you relax or increase the tension enormously. It just depends on you. If you want to know for sure that your fetish is being realized, please contact us to discuss whether your wish is possible.

Roleplay is included in the price of the companion. If you wish that the escort in comes to visit in costume (or change clothes on the spot), we will discuss these costs with you and charge you if needed.

Companions that do light roleplay are not available for script play.


An erotic massage is more than just two hands on your back. At KHLOÉ you get the High End version.

As you have come to expect from us, a highly educated companion will visit you. You have a drink, get to know each other and you may secretly flirt with each other already.

Then it's time to take your clothes off! Lie down and let the lady lead the way. With her soft hands and beautiful looks she will give you a fantastic time.

 Erotic massage

A tap on the buttocks, handcuffs, being blindfolded, you name it. For some a step too far, for others a naughty fantasy.

The companions who are open to this are not averse to a dominant role-playing game. Lie down and relinquish all control.

Please note: our ladies are only available for giving BDSM  and cannot be tied or blindfolded.

Pass on your wishes and we will tell you what the options are.

BDSM is an extra that comes on top of the standard price for just €100,-. Regardless of its length.

Yes, that's doing business.


Offered by:


Lola (light)
Mia (light)
Cataleya (light)

Marèll (light)

Sacha (light)

Maelyn (light)

Would you rather not arrange your own date? Then use our VIP service, where we tailor a date within your budget.

 Ultimate VIP

All our companions offer this service.


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